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Perfect story. 100% true. About 15 years ago, My sister had some friends over one night. They were in the basement watching some scary movie. They had an Ouija board. They started cussing at it and calling it “shit” and “fucking fake”. It stopped responding so they began watching the movie again.

All of a sudden, all the lights and electricity goes out. They start screaming. Then the tv comes on all static and is blairing noisse. They were yelling and crying. Then, the tv shuts off and comes back on to just a black screen. The words, ” This is not a game anymore” roll across the screen in all white. After, the tv shuts off and and they are in complete darkness. They run out of the house.

Afterwards, they go back to the house and our dog hid and when they found it, all it did was bark and look very angry at them.

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So you wish to communicate with the dead? Our Ouija boards are  modern designs specifically crafted for your session. These glossy finished, premium Ouija boards are infused with high quality inks, mounted upon a thick, black synthetic backing and assembled by hand in our studios for decades of use.
Each board includes our classic planchette.
Each board now includes our classic planchette!
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